Dirty Sock Effects


Dirty Sock Effects is operated by me (Ewan), and every pedal is breadboarded, designed, prototyped, and assembled with love, by me in my workshop in Darug Country, Sydney, Australia :)

I started making fuzz pedals for my friends and I in 2017, and since then I've made so many more pedals than I ever thought possible for people all across the world!

I have a rolling assembly of runs of pedals, so if something is out of stock, it'll probably be back in stock soon. I also do custom builds, so if you have an idea, I can try to make it a reality! Check out the 'Custom' and 'Limited Edition' pages for some examples.

As well as manufacturing, I do repairs on pedals, so if you have a pedal in need of a little love, shoot me a message. 

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