Dirty Sock Effects


Custom Builds

We offer a service to custom build a device to your personal specifications. Whether you have an idea for something totally unique or are after a device with a specific feature set, we are happy to work with you to make it a reality! All custom builds require a deposit before we get building and vary in price depending on complexity, so if you have an idea, let us know and we can give you a quote. 

See below for an example of some recent custom builds, or check out our Instagram to see what we've been up to! Clips of these pedals can be found on our Youtube channel. 

Custom all in one synth processor:

A pedal for processing synthesisers and bass alike. Designed to run at line and instrument level, with a sub-octave generator for -1 and -2 octaves, as well as a square wave and clean blend. Into a transistor-based drive circuit, followed by a filter circuit borrowed from a Korg MS-20. Packed compactly into an enclosure that will fit on top of most synths.  

Custom stripped-down IVP 'Amp-Top' preamp:

Preamp circuit based on the Intersound IVP, with instrument, line and mic inputs, foot-switchable 'clean' and 'tube' channels and instrument and balanced XLR outputs. Powerful Baxandall EQ, with enough headroom to run clean and enough gain to go crazy distorted. All in a recycled wood-panelled 'Amp-Top' enclosure. 

Custom Tremolo:

Optical tremolo circuit with switchable speeds that can be switched with a toggle or external footswitch. Wave shape control, and enough output level to dirty up most amps.

2126 Fuzz:

Modded silicon fuzz face for less muddy low end and extra gain. Then into a Jfet boost stage for a little extra volume, and into a crazy intense filter. Paired with a germanium analog octave up for chaotic fuzzy leads.

Custom Black One:

Like our regular flagship 'Black One' but with the boost circuit removed and the octave circuit on a footswitch.