Dirty Sock Effects

Dyatlov Reverb

$230.00 AUD

Image of Dyatlov Reverb

Your new favourite peculiar reverb device has arrived! The 'Dyatlov' is a perfectly imperfect reverb that can go from mild vibey reverb to all-out shoegaze heaven with the turn of a few simple parameters. The gain control takes the mix of your dry and wet signal and distorts them with a grainy, fuzzy distortion that creates an unnaturally long decay. The 'decay' knob feeds back the reverberated signal, extending the decay until it eventually collapses in on itself, creating an infinitely long trail. The collapse of the reverb can also be initiated at will with the 'feedback' footswitch, which momentarily maxes out the 'decay' control when held. The onset of the feedback switch can also be tweaked with a trimpot found inside the pedal.

The star/moon switch selects the basic tone of your reverb. The 'star' voice is a bright cleaner reverb that manages to cut through even when things get a little mushy with the gain control. The moon is the polar opposite - a dark distorted voice that tends to embrace the chaos.

The blend and level controls act as a basic mixer to find your perfect equilibrium of reverberant havoc.

The Dyatlov takes standard (boss style) 9VDC centre negative power, with a 2.1mm barrel. Do not run it on anything else!

All Dirty Sock Effects are built by hand and have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and normal wear and tear. If it breaks, I will fix it :)