Dirty Sock Effects

Spring Reverb V2

$400.00 AUD - Sold out

Image of Spring Reverb V2 Image of Spring Reverb V2 Image of Spring Reverb V2 Image of Spring Reverb V2

Make your Spring Reverb dreams come true! This is Version 2 of the Dirty Sock Effects Spring Reverb preamplifier. Adding some features, and improving on noise floor, while keeping the vibe of a real spring tank + preamp.

This is a spring reverb tank preamplifier unit, that takes an input signal, processes it with the included controls, sends that signal to a reverb tank, and mixes it with your dry signal into an output you can send to your interface, guitar amp, mixer and more! A comprehensive feature set allows you to get everything from bright splashy surf guitar reverb to blown-out, distorted chaos. The ‘Dwell’ control adjusts the drive of your signal into the tank and is designed with vastly more gain than traditional spring reverb units, allowing you to distort and mangle the input of the spring tank, leading to loud splashes, distortion and very long decay – perfect for more experimental sounds and sound design. Winding the dwell control back leads to more traditional reverb tones – and this unit can nail the vibe of those classic Fender outboard reverb units from the '60s.

The ‘Hi-Fi’ rotary switch yields a vast array of frequency responses. Setting this switch to its lowest setting leads to a bright, splashy character very reminiscent of traditional Fender amp-style reverb. Winding this control up allows more bass through the circuit, leading to deep, thunderous reverb, that when combined with the dwell control can create some interesting blown-out textures. Alongside the Dwell and Hi-Fi controls is a Tone control on the wet signal – turning it up makes the reverb brighter, turning it down makes it darker. With V2, there are now dedicated 'Dry' and 'Wet' controls, giving you more control over your wet/dry balance and overall signal level. There is also a 'Kill' switch which removes the dry signal for easy 100% wet operation - perfect for FX sends.

Included is an Accutronics 9AB3C1B ‘Long Decay’ spring reverb tank – which pairs perfectly with this preamplifier. Flip the spring tank upside-down and you can touch and physically manipulate the springs, for crazy splashing sounds!

This unit is finished off in a silver sparkle enclosure with old-school 'chicken head' knobs. Included is the spring tank, tank preamp, and RCA cables to hook up the two units.

Accepts 12VDC centre negative power, do not power with anything else!

All Dirty Sock Effects have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and normal wear and tear. If it breaks, I will fix it.