Limited Edition

Dirty Sock Effects

Limited Edition

Limited Edition Devices:

I regularly put together limited edition pedal runs in addition to the core lineup of pedals. Below are a selection of limited edition and rare devices - follow me on Instagram for information on when they may be available again!

'All Music Is Equally Bad' IVP Pedal/Preamplifier:

Exact circuit recreation of the cult classic Intersound Instrument Voicing Preamplifier. Powerful Baxandall EQ and four band semi parametric EQ. Two channels of clean/drive and selectable input and output impedances. Built on boards from Aion FX in collaboration with Nick Smethurst of 'All Music Is Bad', with all profits going to charity. 

Nonagon Fuzz (Modified Torn's Peaker):

Modified version of a now discontinued modern classic fuzz. A few tweaked component values for less muddy low end and a switch to take you from the original Torn's Peaker circuit to an Aenima fuzz circuit - another Devi Ever device with less gain.

Modified Fender 'Blender' Octave Fuzz:

Silicon octave fuzz based on the Fender 'Blender' circuit with some mods. Modified tone stack, diode selector switch, and footswitch to bypass the octave circuit.