Dirty Sock Effects

Black One V1.5

$175.00 AUD

Image of Black One V1.5 Image of Black One V1.5

Based on the infamous ‘life’ circuit, the Black One V1.5 takes this concept further, with a completely redesigned circuit, for a greater breadth of tonal variety and lower noise, while keeping with the original concept of an all-in-one distortion/fuzz box, with a boost that will destroy the clean headroom of even the most stubborn amplifier.

The improvements start with a completely overhauled analog octave-up section. This octave is spittier and fuzzier than the original and pairs perfectly with the rat-style distortion placed after it. It uses hand-matched NOS germanium diodes paired with modern silicon transistors. The ‘octave’ control blends in the octave as you turn it up and can take you from mild octave-up tones to total “end of the world” octave-up fuzz.

The distortion segment (mass) stays true to the original 80's ‘white logo’ circuit, with some modern updates, including improved buffer circuitry, and the addition of a clipping selector. The clipping switch allows for stock (symmetrical) clipping, op-amp clipping (loud!), and asymmetrical clipping. Different settings change the distortion characteristic of the whole circuit, so choose wisely!

Rounding out the circuit is a foot-switchable JFET booster stage that will deliver more than enough gain to push any amp into natural distortion. Use it to push the front end of your amp or as a subtle clean boost for a little extra level – the choice is yours!

Deformation – Controls the amount of distortion, clockwise for more
Refine – Low pass filter, at minimum, there is no filtering. Turn it up to cut treble.
Mass – Output level for the octave/distortion side.
Weight – Output level for the booster, turn it up to shake the walls ;)
Octave – Blends in octave as you turn it up. Counterclockwise = No octave, Clockwise = 100% octave mayhem
Clipping Switch:
-Up = Asymmetrical clipping; less compressed, smoother clipping.
-Middle = No diodes; loud, uncompressed, op-amp distortion
-Down = Symmetrical clipping; classic compressed distortion
Left footswitch (Weight) – Activates the boost
Right Footswitch (Mass)– Activates the octave distortion

The Black One takes standard (boss style) 9VDC centre negative power, with a 2.1mm barrel. Do not run it on anything else!

All Dirty Sock Effects have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and normal wear and tear. If it breaks, I will fix it :)