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PREORDER Nonagon Fuzz - Modified Torn's Peaker

$170.00 AUD

Image of PREORDER Nonagon Fuzz - Modified Torn's Peaker

THIS IS A PREORDER. Units are expected to ship on 20/5/24.

My take on the cult classic Devi Ever Torn’s Peaker with a few mods!

This one has a switch to take you between two Devi Ever circuits - the Torn’s Peaker and Aenima. The Torn’s Peaker is great for both chaotic and more subdued fuzz sounds, with plenty of trebly bite and 'splat'. Flip the switch to the Aenima setting to get a different flavour of fuzz with plenty more gain (and chaos!), and less 'splat'.

It’s also got a few small capacitor changes to reduce any crazy low-end rumble and increase the range of the controls slightly.

Complete with some durable UV-printed King Gizzard-inspired graphics!

Check out the demo below to hear how it sounds!

Please note: This is an insane fuzz with very high gain! While all efforts have been made to make it as low-noise, controllable and friendly as possible, at certain settings it is a wild, noisy, uncontrollable beast (and that's why we love it).